When I tell you that I’m a Gamer, I imagine that there is a small amount of exasperation which belies an inevitable “oh, another game blog?” thought. And when I tell you that I’m also a girl, I imagine an image pops in your head illustrating any number of social media posts or pictures that you’re trying to categorize me as. Considering the sheer amount of results given to me with a single Google search for “Gamer Girl”, I’m not surprised if you’ve already got me figured out.

But what if I told you I wasn’t part of any of those stereotypes, that the category I’m including myself into didn’t have anything to do with dressing in lingerie to take pictures of myself with dual-action controllers? What if I told you I don’t outfit my bedroom in Minecraft paraphernalia to substantiate my desire to prove I keep up with trends? What if I told you that I don’t boast about whether I play PC or console to mold myself into a community of validating the outlet by which I entertain myself?

What if I told you about the world of

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Link Photo Credit “Roleplay” – Original art from Alexander Nanitchkov
Link Photo Credit “40,000 Warhammer” – © Games Workshop
Feature Photo Credit “Medival Town” – RhysGriffiths